Like Salt or Love: Essays on Leaving Home is a memoir in essays. Parts of the manuscript have been published in or are forthcoming in Seneca Review; Crab Orchard Review; Gettysburg Review; Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction; Shadowbox: A Showcase of Contemporary Nonfiction; ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment); Still Point Arts Quartlery; Going Om: An Anthology of Literary Essays About Yoga. 

Essays in Literary Quarterlies and Magazines:

"Free Samples." The Boiler. February 2018.

         "A brief interview for a date is what this is. Within twenty minutes, we will determine if we merit a full weekend evening of each other’s time."

"Name-staker." Blood Orange Review. Winter 2017.

          "Now, when I encounter someone who is 'age passing,' 'afternooning,' 'cloaking,' being 'cloaked,' 'claiming,' or 'being disclaimed,' I slip the name for the phenomenon into my conversation with him/her."

"Mashed Avocado on a Rice Cake (Basic Recipe with a Variation)." Seneca Review. Forthcoming Fall 2017.

"This recipe requires but a trio of ingredients. But don’t be deceived by that! The dish offers an abundance of weighty matters to chew on...."

"Worse Than Abandonment." Crab Orchard Review. Forthcoming, Winter 2017.

"There are worse things than abandonment,' a friend once told you. The moment you heard this, you knew that she had succinctly articulated something essential. Soon, this phrase became your mantra...." 

"My Daily Bread." Rock & Sling: A Journal of Witness. 11 (Spring 2016): 36-49.

"I close the blinds, so I won’t be distracted by the sight of cardinals in the forsythia bushes. I light a candle on the dining-room table, place a slice of homemade bread on a china dessert plate, pour a glass of water, and sit down."

"The Story I Didn't Want to Write." Omaha Magazine. April 2017.

         "It was the story I didn’t want to write—that one about what I call “my malady,” my three episodes of severely restricted eating."

“Still Life with Peaches.” Georgia Review. 68 (Spring 2014).

"Objects of Desire: On the counter dividing my kitchen from my dining room is a wide straw basketbrimming with bills, receipts, greeting cards, and newspaper clippings. Hooked over the rim of the basket is a dry turkey wishbone...."  

“On Solstalgia.” ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment). 77 (August 2014). 

"Solstalgia is a type of homesickness that one gets while still at home...."

“Balancing Act.” Brevity: A Concise Journal of Literary Nonfiction. 44 (September 2013). 

"A man in my neighborhood stacks rocks in his front yard. From a distance, the cairns remind me of a small throng of people. Some wear long coats or dresses: clerics in cassocks. Some stand on two, wide and chunky legs. One stack sports a wide-brimmed, flat-topped rock, sat at a jaunty angle...."

“The Renoir.” Still Point Arts Quarterly. 9 (Spring 2013): 44-51.

“Mississippi Harvest.” Big Muddy: Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. 12:2 (2013): 7-    25.

“Out of Love.” Shadowbox: A Showcase of Contemporary Nonfiction (Summer 2012)

"Spring doesn’t count. Once the long, hard winter finally retreats, any place where green blades push through leaf litter, where mourning doves, summer’s drone, congregate on utility lines at dusk, and where thunderstorms bruise the sky is beautiful. Now, it’s the rest of the year that’s the problem...." 

“Catfish Bend.” Natural Bridge: A Journal of Contemporary Literature 26 (Fall 2011): 32-40.

“Painting the River: Henry Lewis’s Great National Work.” Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley 11.2 (fall 2011): 5-23.

“Restorations.” North Dakota Quarterly 76:4 (Winter 2010): 157-166.

“Missouri River Music.” South Dakota Review 48:4 (Winter 2010): 20-36.

“What the River Carries.” Prairie Schooner 84:4 (Winter 2010): 32-43.

“Nauvoo: The Beautiful Place.” Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley 9.2 (Summer 2010): 39-59.

 “No Other River.” Iowa Review. 39:2 (Fall 2009): 166-178. *** 

“Perhapsing: The Art of Speculation in Creative Nonfiction.” Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction 29 (January 2009).

"At some point, writers of creative nonfiction come to a road block or dead end in our writing, where we don’t have access to the facts we need to tell our story or to sustain our reflection with depth and fullness. If only it was ethical to just make something up...." 

“Fleet.” The Gettysburg Review 20:4 (Winter 2007-2008): 537-47. 

“Nine-mile Prairie.” Michigan Quarterly Review 46:3 (Summer 2007): 443-60. ***

“Visiting Frederic.” Ascent 30:2 (February 2007): 12-26.

“Tending.” Sling and Arrow 2:1 (Spring 2005): 64-76.

“In the Corn.” ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment) 12.1 (Winter 2005): 199-214.

“This Creek.” Cimarron Review 143 (Summer 2003): 26-37.

“Thirty Shades of White.” Flint Hills Review 7 (2002): 69-77.

“Mammoth Bones.” ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment) 9.1 (Winter 2002): 189-202.

“Household Words.” Michigan Quarterly Review 40.4 (Fall 2001): 713-25. ***

“A Salt Marsh Reclamation.” Southern Indiana Review 8.1 (2001): 55-67.

“My Place of Many Times.” Connecticut Review 22 (Fall 2000): 189-95. ***

“In the Air.” Shenandoah 49 (Fall 1999): 5-13.

“Flight Dreams.” Crazy Horse 55 (Winter 1998): 136-45.

“The Beat, 1979.” Dominion Review 14 (1996): 22-39

“Hard Remains.” The Journal 20 (Spring/Summer 1996): 22-36.

“Last Rites.” Lowell Review 2 (1996): 12-17.

“Sky Watch.” Farmer’s Market 13 (Fall/Winter 1995): 42-52.

“Excavations.” Creative Nonfiction 4 (Fall 1995): 51-61.

“Sheet Music.” Tamaqua 5 (Fall 1995): 152-76.

“Summer Reading.” Missouri Review 16 (Fall 1993): 130-46. ***

“Just Words.” Cream City Review 17 (Fall 1993): 286-301.

“Edges.” Farmer’s Market 10 (Fall/Winter 1993-1994): 99-111.

“Seeing ‘Possum.” Cimarron Review 100 (July 1992): 121-31.

“Field of Vision.” South Dakota Review 28 (Autumn 1990): 89-101.

“Pheasant Country.” Northwest Review 28 (Summer 1990): 41-49. ***

                       ***Notable Essay citation in Best American Essays series.

Anthologized Essays

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