Wanna a free copy of Bread: A Memoir of Hunger?

I'm giving away a copy of Bread through the Goodreads website. The entry dates are August 1st through August 30th. Check it out! https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/247625-bread-a-memoir-of-hunger

Hello Goodreaders.

I'm giving away a copy of Bread: A Memoir of Hunger. Please enter!

Bread is the story of my conflicted relationship with food, as well as an exploration of the genetic, biological, familial, cultural, and psychological factors that contribute to eating disorders and disordered eating. What is unique about Bread compared to books about eating disorders and disordered eating is my focus on these conditions among older women. Please go to me website for more information: www.lisaknopp.com

Thanks and all best!
Lisa Knopp

Lisa Knopp