National Creative Nonfiction Month?

I sure enjoy National Poetry Month (NaPoMo), coming as it does in the busiest month of the academic calendar when I have no time to work on my essays. Instead each day, I read a short poem, dash out a few lines on my laptop, and feel that I've at least done enough writing to keep myself awake and supple. But I wonder why we don't have an entire month dedicated to creative nonfiction (CNF). So my fellow CNFers, what would it take to create such a celebration and what month would we choose? I read on the website of the Academy of American Poets that NaPoMo, the largest literary celebration in the world (for now!), was started in 1996 by that group. Since then, the event has picked up all kinds of governmental, educational, and private sponsors. The Academy chose April for maximum participation (all of those outside readings!). Of course the very coolest thing would be if National Creative Nonfiction Month (NaCrNoMo?) was started at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, so that hotbed of CNF activity would get all the glory, laud, and honor. But I'm okay with sharing the work and the laud with others. What do you think, friends?

Lisa Knopp