Happy birthday and thank you BPS!

Oh, PBS! Today is your 50th birthday. I didn't discover you on this day in 1967, but a few years later when I started watching the snowy images that came to my hometown of Burlington, Iowa, all the way from Iowa City on channel 12. The Boston Pops! Ballets! Plays like The Seagull (was it too much to hope that this Checkov guy hadn't written something else? Praise also for the Burlington Public Library.). When I was in college, my friends and I watched Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes (the series from the 50's), and I began doing yoga with Lilias Folan. Through my son, I discovered Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Through my daughter, I discovered Thomas the Train and Carmen San Diego. Now, I'm hooked on BBC mysteries, the PBS News Hour, American Masters, and more. Happy birthday and thank you PBS! You've been an important part of my education and my inspiration as a writer.

Lisa Knopp