Nebraska Book Award for Nonfiction/Memoir

Last Saturday, I received the Nebraska Book Award for Nonfiction/Memoir from the Nebraska Center for the Book. Here I am with the lovely Twyla Hansen, the Master of Ceremonies.

Here are comments from the judges about Bread: A Memoir of Hunger: “Lisa is a favorite author of many in the group and this was a most unusual and interesting topic. It was noted that eating disorders in women over 40 is something none of us had ever run across before and not likely to be discussed let alone published in a book. Lisa laid bare her life with no holds barred. It is our hope that this book would be helpful to those who may share like difficulties. This was well written and well researched and all of us were emotionally affected by the text.”

A hearty congratulations to all of the other winners of the 2017 Nebraska Book Awards!

Lisa Knopp