Bread: A Memoir of Hunger will be available October 25, 2016


My Current Project:

 Like Salt or Love: Essays on Leaving Home is my sixth book of creative nonfiction. Like my earlier collections, each essay blends personal story with a substantial amount of research of an interdisciplinary nature. Six of the essays in the new collection have been published in diverse journals and an anthology, the titles of which reflect the wide-ranging subject matter in this book.

Crab Orchard Revie

Brevity: A Concise Journal of Literary Nonfiction

Gettysburg Review

Going Om: An Anthology of Literary Essays on Yoga

ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment)

Shadowbox: A Showcase of Contemporary Nonfiction

Still Point Arts Quarterly

This book represents a confluence of my intellectual, spiritual, and psychological development as a writer. In the past I have expressed my ideas primarily through nature- or place-based essays. However, this book contains only one nature essay, and the only placed-based essay is also autobiographical. All of the other essays are autobiographical and contemplative. Some are experimental in form; some are pensive; some are funny. The essays strike a fine balance between personal confession and the kinds of observation and reflection that universalize my subject: indeed, they capture the zeitgeist of contemporary middle-aged American life.